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  • This book addresses ages and stages of development. Students  inclined for high achievement and great success in life will find valuable insights and wise counsel
  • Parents will find valuable tips, helps, and concepts that greatly help parents with counseling and instructing their teens
  • Practices described in this short writing are fundamental and basic addressing probable encounters adolescents will experience. Abstinence guarantees there will be no premature  pregnancy
  • and / or stds,
  • Young men learn the art of responsible practice. Delaying gratification until such time as one is economically mentally and physically equipped to handle a family responsibility
  • Fathers have the responsibility of teaching their daughters to be wise, alert, awake and dedicated to the goals you have set. PLAN YOUR WORK & WORK YOUR PLAN.   (To purchase send email to ) Subject "Book"
  • sweatte@netzero.net  $10.00  Pay: Use Zelle  or PayPal
  • pay sweatte@netzero.net:  sms 862-452-2066 
  • Text or email your address: 862-452-2066 or sweatte@netzero.net for mail or pickup
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Heading 6
Heading 6
Heading 6
Heading 6